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Roy “Doc” Savages’ Diaries
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  12.7 (51Cal) Enemy Heavy Machinegun
  50 Cal Friendly Heavy Machinegun
  AATTV Australian Army Training Team Vietnam
  AK47 Avtomat Kalashnicov 47 (Enemy Assault Rifle)
  AO Area of Operation
  APC Armoured Personnel Carrier
  ARVN Army Republic of Vietnam
  BAR Browning Automatic Rifle
  Base Walla Someone who does not leave the safety of camp
  Blue Line River or Creek
  Blind Ammunition that has failed to explode
  Bushman Scout Enemy who was captured and came to work on our side
  C4 Plastic Explosive
  Callsign Units e.g. Sect, Pl, Coy,
  CBU Cluster Bombs dropped from Aircraft
  Charlie Enemy
  Chicom Enemy Explosive
  CHQ Company Headquarters
  Claymore Command Detonated Anti Personnel Mine
  Clicks Kilometres
  CMF Citizens Military Forces
  CO Commanding Officer (Battalion Commander)
  Coy Company (132 men )
  CSM Company Sergeant Major
  D445 Enemy Battalion
  Div Division
  Dustoff Medical Evacuation Helicopter (Dedicated Undying Service To Our Fighting Forces)
  F1 9mm Sub Machinegun
  FAC Forward Air Controller
  FO Forward Observer (Artillery)
  FSB Fire Support Base
  FSPB Fire Support Patrol Base
  GR Grid Reference, where you are on a map and on the ground e.g. GR527842
  HMG Heavy Machine Gun
  Tokarev 33 7.62 Enemy Pistol (Chinese)
  KIA Killed in Action
  Land Line Telephone
  Locators Artillery Div Loc Battery
  LZ Landing Zone
  Marked Mission A way of finding out where you are using Artillery
  M16 5.56 Assault Rifle
  M60 Machinegun
  M72 Rocket Launcher
  M79 Grenade Launcher
  Maitdem Maintenance Demand
  MFC Mortar Fire Controller
  MG Machine Gun
  NCO’s Non Commissioned Officers
  NDP Night Defensive Position
  OC Officer Commanding (Company Commander)
  OHP Overhead Protection
  OP Operation
  Opdem Operation Demand
  OR’s Other Ranks. Other than Officers
  Pl Platoon
  POGO One who does not go outside the wire, a non combatant
  Possum Bell Helicopter
  POW Prisoner of War
  R&C Rest (Incountry)
  R&R Leave (Out of Country)
  RAR Royal Australian Regiment
  Red Caps British Military Police
  R F Regional Forces
  RPD Enemy Light Machinegun
  RPG 7 Enemy Rocket Launcher
  RSM Regimental Sergeant Major
  RTB Recruit Training Battalion
  SKS Enemy Rifle
  SLR Self Loading Rifle
  SMG Sub Machinegun
  SVN South Vietnam
  Tango Tanks callsign
  TAOR Tactical Area of Responsibility
  UXB Unexploded Bomb
  VC Viet Cong (Enemy)
  WIA Wounded in Action
  Zero Alfa Company Headquarters


 Home | Glossary | 1943 - 1960 | feb61-aug63 | aug63-oct65 | nov65-apr67 | Apr67-Ap68
apr68-feb70 | feb70-may70 | jun70-mar71
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