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Roy “Doc” Savages’ Diaries
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3 RAR - 7 RAR
I would like to acknowledge the help received from 1733706 Nick Quigley OAM who served in Vietnam with 104 Sig Sqn from 18 Nov 1968 through to 17 Sep 1969. Without his help this site would not exist.
They shall grow not old as we
 that are left grow old
Age shall not weary them, nor
the years condemn
At the going down of the sun
and in the morning
we will remember them
Lest we forget
This Web Page is dedicated to all those who did not return and especially the following eight Men from my platoons who did not come home KIA
Pte Jim Cox KIA 26 June 1967
Cpl Ross McMillan KIA 30 January 1968
Pte Mick Ayers KIA 5 February 1968
Pte Ron Smith KIA 3 April 1970
Lt Robin Pothof KIA 26 April 1970
Pte Stephen Dixon KIA 6 June 1970
Pte Paul Navarre KIA 6 June 1970
Pte Stanley Larsson KIA 6 June 1970

These are the diaries of 213865 Roy (Doc) Savage, OAM, MM I joined the Army on the 9th of February 1961 as a Private and resigned my commission on the 24th of November 1998. Since that time I have been involved in running an Army Cadet Unit (14ACU) in Rockhampton Queensland. To all those who know me then they know that this Web Page is not to glorify anyone but to keep the memory of those that are no longer with us alive. I am married, my wifes name is Marie (Nee Hart) and have two great children Bryan and Yasmin plus four beautiful Grand-Daughters Jayden, Antoinette, Catherine and Penelope


Diaries are a way of recording history; they can never tell the full story. When a Soldier is in battle, he sees what is happening in front of him, not what is happening either side of him, He relies on his Mates, his Section his Company etc. After an action or event, if you were to ask two Soldiers who had participated to tell what had happened, you would most likely get two different stories of the event. Time also is a factor; it either dulls the memory, or plays tricks by adding things that didn't really happen.

The following is a copy of my diaries taking in Malaya, Malaysia, Borneo and Vietnam What is written is fact plus the thoughts and comments today of myself. I have spent some time deliberating whether to put these diaries on a Web Page and have decided to do so as too much history is lost and stories do not get told as to what happened so many years ago I will not use some names and have left quite a lot out of this page as I do not wish to upset anyone. What happened then is in the past. If I have offended anyone then I apologise as that was never my intention.


On the Offensive tells the story of the Australian Army in Vietnam in the most tumuluous period of the Vietnam War. It is the successor volume to Ian McNeill's highly acclaimed To Long Tan and the eigth volume of The Official History of Australia's Involvement in Southeast Asian Conflicts 1948-1975

Recommenced as a "must read" presently available through the Australian War Memorial in Canbera

©Doc Savage 2004
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